Using Advanced Materials Science to bring step-change innovation to Life

Through advanced materials science, SiO2 develops and manufactures medical-grade containers with a glass-like barrier to meet the most demanding needs of our customers and patients. For the first time, you don’t need to choose between glass or plastic. With SiO2’s Materials Science, you can have the benefits of both.

Our ability to develop and commercialize our proprietary technology is based on a world-class staff headed by Dr. Robert Pangborn, a Member of the SiO2 Board of Directors and former head of central research for the Dow Chemical Company. The company has over 300 worldwide patents on new coatings, treatments, and methods of manufacturing.

SiO2 works closely with regulatory authorities and sponsors on a worldwide basis to support drug submissions. Working closely with FDA’s Emerging Technology Group and under FDA recommended testing, the company has demonstrated a like-for-like equivalence to glass containers of the SiO2 containers.

SiO2 Materials Science recognized early on that the biologic drugs would require a new material for a primary container.

  • SiO2 has spent 10 years and $500 million in research and development to invent a breakthrough technology platform that fuses the benefits of glass and plastic without the drawbacks of either.
  • Our products are molded from engineered polymers and incorporate a thin, glass-like barrier coating system on the inside surface. The barrier coating system is comprised of 3 layers.
  • We apply a glass–like barrier coating to the inside surface of the container using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD).
  • The thinness of the coating creates significant advantages, including flexibility (not brittle like traditional glass) and excellent thermal, mechanical, and chemical characteristics.
  • SiO2 proprietary coating technology can be applied to any surface; even coating extreme aspect ratios and small volume containers are possible.
  • SiO2 delivers a product that is ideally suited for sensitive biologic drugs.
  • SiO2’s advanced packaging will never break, or leak and can withstand extreme physical, thermal, and chemical abuse over its lifetime.
  • SiO2 containers combine the durability (safe/non-breakable), and dimensional consistency of plastic and are completely inert, exhibiting no leachables or extractables and have an oxygen and moisture barrier of glass with the thermal stability own to -196°C.
  • Currently, the company is a manufacturer of vials and pre-filled syringes and is focused on two segments: Pharmaceuticals and Molecular Diagnostics.

Key industry problems solved using a Si02 container

  • Eliminates contaminants associated with an immunogenic response such as subvisible particles, metal ions, tungsten, adhesives, and oils.
  • Eliminates the need for silicone oil in syringes.
  • Insures an oxygen and moisture barrier of glass with thermal stability down to -196°C.
  • Exhibits no leachables or extractables. No delamination.
  • Unbreakable on filling lines, in auto-injectors, or in the supply chain.

Value provided using a Si02 container

  • Faster time to market; quicker revenue.
  • Better patient experience.
  • Improved patient safety & efficacy.
  • Flexibility in drug formulation.

An execution track record spanning more than 50 years

Over the last 50 years, the company’s founder and much of the current team have designed, developed, and executed flexible manufacturing for some of the world’s most discerning customers including:

  • More than 3 billion custom container units produced for M&M Mars
  • More than 10 billion custom container units produced for Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Abbott, and Bayer
  • Less than 3 weeks to produce a complex prototype syringe for Novartis

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