SiO2 Technology combines the best of Glass and Polymers, without the drawbacks of either to create the perfect container.

Born from the ambition to ensure the safe distribution of life-saving drugs, SiO2 Material Science is a primary packaging company rooted in research & development.

With an interdisciplinary team of world-class scientists, engineers, and product developers, we invented the first-of-its-kind vyterialTM coating technology that provides our primary packaging with the barrier properties of glass, the durability of plastic, and made of sustainable materials. The vyterial™ coating technology is protected by more than 300 patents and close to 8000 patent claims.

In developing primary packaging solutions, SiO2 relies on its state-of-the-art facilities in Auburn, Alabama. Our production footprint provides vertically integrated and digitally enabled manufacturing, to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that protect the planet and people’s health and well-being.

Problems solved in the Pharma & Biotech Segment

  • No Silicone Oil
  • No Drug Interactions
  • No Breakage
  • No Extractables / Leachables
  • No Metals
  • No Needle Glue
  • No Gas Permeation
  • Support drug formulations with a wide pH range

With more than 300 patents, our technology is our largest differentiator. No other company has been able to bring step change innovation to pharma packaging for more than 50 years.