The U.S. Government's Operation Warp Speed selects SiO2 for their innovative primary packaging platform to support COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics
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The U.S. Government's Operation Warp Speed selects SiO2 for their innovative primary packaging platform to support COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics
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Revolutionary Materials Science innovation delivering the benefits of plastic and glass without the drawbacks of either.

Through advanced materials science, SiO2 develops and manufactures medical grade containers with a glass-like barrier to meet the most demanding needs of our customers and patients. For the first time ever, you don’t need to choose between glass or plastic. With SiO2’s Materials Science, you can have the benefits of both.

  • PH Protective Layer

    • Hydrophobic organosiloxane surface
    • Inert chemically-resistant coating
    • Resists pH shift
  • Oxygen & Leachables Barrier

    • Low Si dissolution
    • Gas barrier to oxygen
    • No metal ion leachables
  • Adhesion to COP

    • All layers covalently bonded
    • Beyond a coating, an integrated/bonded surface with the COP container
  • COP Container

    • Top quality COP container
    • GMP certified manufacturing
    • Precision molded to customer specifications

Patented Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Technology

Our technology bonds nano-layers of silica-based material together with a COP shell that is precision molded to customer specifications enabling never before seen product features.

Durability & Stability
  • Polymer construction
  • No breakage
  • Temperature change resistant
  • Resists pH shift
  • Long shelf life
  • No silicon oil
  • No leachables
  • No extractables
  • No glass delamination
  • No gas permeation
  • Traceable with unique IDs
  • Engineered surface properties
  • Higher dimensional consistency than glass
  • Precision molded to customer specifications
Regulatory Standards
  • Traceable with unique IDs
  • GMP certified manufacturing
  • Dry chemistry inherently clean
  • Sterilizable up to 136C
  • Passed compliance testing for ophthalmic products (USP 789)
  • Drug Master Files | Approvals from regulatory bodies

For the Most Demanding Customer Needs

Patient Safety
Reduce risk of immune response due to high degree of customization and low interaction rates.
Improved container quality, common surface with compositional consistency and chemical inertness
Faster to Market
Customizable solution that improves product life cycle and helps identify and enable new product innovations

50 Years

of successful container innovation for life science and consumer goods customers


Milk Jug

Manufac­tured first plastic milk jugs with insert handle and leak proof cap.

Capitol Vial

Airtight sampling vials

M&M Mars

Manufac­turing and packaging


Launch­ed flip-top desic­cated vial with J&J


Invented and com­mercial­ized insulated baby feeding cup for Playtex


Com­mercial­ized second CR/SF desic­cated vial with GSX


Developed cryogenic vials for malaria vaccine for Sanaria


European approval of Lucentis in pre-term infants (with transfer syringe) Novartis

Synergy Tube

Launched Synergy Tube

World-Class, GMP Certified Manufacturing

SiO2 Facility in Auburn, AL, USA

• 165,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant       • Additional facilities under planning in Switzerland
• ISO Class 7 clean rooms; operating under class 5 conditions

  • Registrations Held
  • ISO 9001: 2015
    ISO 13485: 2016
    ISO 15378: 2015
  • Drug Master Files
  • 029641 Vials
    029642 Syringes
  • 3rd Party Audits Passed
  • More than 30 third party audits
    • FDA Emerging Technology Group
    • Novartis (x3)
    • SGS (x2)
    • Sanaria (x2)
    • Vetter
    • Many others...

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