Why SiO2?

Why SiO2?

SiO2’s patented materials science is a combination of a plastic container with a microscopic (50 nanometers), thin, undetectable to the naked eye, pure glass coating for biological drugs and vaccines. Essentially combining the best of both glass and plastic without the drawbacks of either, but with the benefits of both.

“Many drug development and drug formulation innovations can be limited due to variables associated with traditional glass vials and syringes. The SiO2 vials and syringes eliminate these variables and allow drug development partners to bring their innovations to life.” – Dr. Robert S. Langer, institute professor at MIT

Essential characteristics of SiO2’s patented materials coating include thermal stability and integrity, chemical stability, a gas barrier, mechanical durability, no breakage, and precision molding. For the last 100 years, the pharmaceutical industry has had to choose glass or plastic and had to sacrifice attributes of one or the other. The SiO2 primary packaging platform for pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines is the only way to realize the possibility to have the best attributes of both glass and plastic.

Safer for patients & healthcare workers

Reduced risk of immunogenicity (adverse patient side effects)
No particles | No leachables & extractables | No metal ions | No silicone oil
No breakage, shattering, or cracking of syringes or vials

Higher performance for pharmaceutical manufacturing & development

Thermal stability range of -196˚C to 121˚C
CCI / Seal integrity down to -80˚C
Chemical stability pH ranges from 3-14
No risk of delamination
No breakage on filling lines or in supply chain
Withstand 1,500 pounds of direct force

SiO2’s patented materials science was developed in Auburn, Alabama, over 10 years with the assistance of experts from four major U.S. research institutions, University of California, Santa Barbara and Berkeley, University of Chicago, MIT / Harvard. The company currently has over 300 patent entities and over 8000 patent claims.

“The SiO2 vials solve significant challenges in the commercialization of vaccines and biological drugs, which presently cannot be solved by glass or plastic vials. Bringing the SiO2 advanced material to market will enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to safely and more rapidly deploy their critical products.”
-Dr. Glenn Fredrickson, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials at the University of California, Santa Barbara

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