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An Innovative Materials Science Company

SiO2 Materials Science is a materials science company with deep roots in chemistry and engineering. We use proprietary, advanced, material science, to bring our client’s innovation to life. Our patented technology applies a unique glass-like barrier onto any plastic surface. Our products are engineered to combine the durability and dimensional precision of plastic with the physical and barrier properties of glass. We provide an end to end solution from the design, engineering, molding, barrier coating, to packaging for our clients. Our most prominent solutions take the form of primary packaging for biological drugs and blood collection tubes for genomic testing and liquid biopsies.

The right shade of purple

Our core technology uses a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition to create a chemical reaction which applies a glass-like barrier to the surface of plastic. This barrier is not sprayed or painted on, but rather is created by a covalent bond at the time of plasma ignition. When all the elements are perfectly aligned during the plasma ignition, the chemistry creates a very particular flash of color. This color is best represented by purple. Any minor changes in the chemistry and process will yield a pink or blue hue. For SiO2, the color purple indicates the perfect chemistry.

The values we live by: Innovation, Quality, and Customer Delight.


Our patent portfolio reflects our emphasis on thinking new. All of our innovation is aimed at major changes, rather than incremental fixes. We partner with the leading scientists to solve problems with practical applications.


Our products are consumed by sons and daughters; mothers and fathers; sisters and brothers; and the entire spectrum of loved ones. We aim to achieve the highest standards of quality without compromise, ensuring the safest products for yours and our families. Our operations are approaching seven sigma quality and we use 100% inspection on all of our products, using the most sophisticated screening technologies.

Customer Delight:

We don't believe in standard applications. Each customer has his or her unique set of needs and wants. We pride ourselves on a high touch approach to our customers, where the most important skill of our sales team is the art of listening. Our teams are incentivized on customer service and we seek regular feedback from customers as part of our performance evaluations.

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