Our Technology
Why be limited by glass or plastic?
Providing an innovative solution to packaging, SiO2’s patented barrier technology combines the best qualities of plastic and glass containers. The patented plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process chemically applies a unique glass-like thin barrier (nanometers) on to any plastic surface. The result enables the durability and dimensional precision of plastic to be combined with the barrier properties of glass, providing many distinct benefits.

Performance Benefits

Our expansive list of benefits associated with our proprietary barrier technology is better than anything else on the market.

Reduced Risk of Immunogenicity

Industry leading sub-visible particles; at magnitudes greater than USP 789 Particle Counts; lower protein absorption and fewer protein aggregates, leading to reduced risk of immune response

Inert & Pure Drug Contact Surface

Chemically non-reactive drug contact surface that eliminates metal ion leachables found in glass

Stability & Shelf Life

Patented barrier coating system blocks oxygen and other oxidizing gases assuring drug product efficacy and shelf life


Drug contact surface can be customized, reducing burden of formulation development

Faster Time to Market

Common drug contact surface from research, to development, to patient – thereby reducing time required for validations

Durability & Dimensional Consistency

Protects and preserves high value contents; no breakage on automated lines; higher dosing accuracy, reduced CCI risk, and better consistency with auto-injectors

Chemical Resistance

Enhanced hydrolysis protection, safeguards against pH shift and minimizes drug/container interactions

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