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Advanced Pharmaceutical Solutions

SiO2 Materials Science is a company with deep roots in chemistry and engineering. The company creates engineered containers for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry. These containers typically take the form of syringes, vials, and cartridges. Our patented technology applies a unique glass-like barrier onto any plastic surface. Our products are engineered to combine the durability and dimensional precision of plastic with the physical and barrier properties of glass.

  • Our proprietary technology allows us to maintain CCI and industry standard glide force and breakloose without using silicone oil.
  • Drugs can interact with particles, metal ions, and silicon oil, and aggregated proteins- all associated with glass and plastics. These interactions manifest in adverse events which adds tremendous risk of regulatory approval delays and even rejections; additional costs for patient management programs by the pharma company; and competitive disadvantages for the pharma company. SiO2's technology solves this problem.
  • The drugs are very expensive and glass containers can break on automated lines, thereby making the products less safe. SiO2's technology solves this problem.
  • Customized containers for your personalized medicines. Drug delivery systems such as auto-injectors and wearables require the precision molding of plastic containers to ensure consistent functionality. SiO2's technology solves this problem with our in house molding and automation. With more than 50 years experience developing custom molded containers for regulated industries, we are second to none.
  • Biological drugs react to oxygen and degrade. Glass containers provide a barrier to oxygen that plastic does not. SiO2's technology solves this problem.

With more than 300 patents, our technology is our largest differentiator. No other company has been able to bring step change innovation to pharma packaging for more than 50 years. All our competitors claim incremental improvements (10-15%) in reducing the above-mentioned problems. We eliminate all of the problems.

Summary of Benefits

Impact on Manufacturing

  • No silicone oil; no adhesives; Tungsten-free
  • Manufacturing process incorporates 100% inspection to achieve near 8 sigma quality
  • No Particles; No extractables; No Leachables; No Delamination
  • Flexible attributes; container size/shape & formulation tolerance
  • 6x lower complement activation vs glass. Reduces risks associated with immune response
  • Tighter dimensional control
  • Containers are shatter proof- no breakage
  • A chemically inactive organosilicate protective top layer eliminates metal ion leachables
  • Flat bottom vials for lyophilization provides consistent heat transfer
  • Serialization with unique ID stamped on each container for full traceability

Impact on Development

  • Same drug contact surface throughout drug dev & manufacture process
  • Potential shorter timeline to market
  • 100 % individual product serialization results in unit level traceability
  • No container breakage
  • Processes like glass containers on a fill/finish line
  • Dimensional control yields precise handling, filing, inspection and dosing
  • Compatible with broadest range of drug formulations (pH, O2 sensitivity, etc.)
  • Ability to vary surface between hydrophobic and hydrophilic for benefit of specific protein
  • Performance at cryo-temps. CCI down to -196c
  • Increased control in interface with mechanisms (auto-injectors)
  • Protective top layer offers hydrolysis protection, safeguards against pH shift and minimizes drug/container interactions

Impact on Patient

  • Safer product and reduced risk of side effects due to immunogenicity - No particles; No leachables; no extractables; no oil; no metal ions - Protein drug recovery. Minimize protein adhesion to container walls.
  • Silica-like barrier blocks oxygen and other gas permeation, assuring content integrity and shelf life
  • Glass-like appearance and high content visibility. No Container breakage
  • Dimensional consistency 25x better than glass for more accurate dose delivery and more consistent device performance. Can be molded to fit any type of auto-injector or wearable device.
  • Product confidence; anti-counterfeit measure of unique serial ID for each container

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