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SiO2 is proud to develop breakthrough solutions via proprietary, advanced, materials science and we are always looking for trail-blazers to help us achieve this goal. We want professionals with bright and experienced minds to become part of the SiO2 team in order to help us advance best-in-class products and technologies.

Summary of Benefits

  • No silicone oil; no adhesives; Tungsten-free
  • Manufacturing process incorporates 100% inspection to achieve near 8 sigma quality
  • No Particles; No extractables; No Leachables; No Delamination
  • Flexible attributes; container size/shape & formulation tolerance
  • 6x lower complement activation vs glass. Reduces risks associated with immune response
  • Tighter dimensional control
  • Containers are shatter proof- no breakage
  • A chemically inactive organosilicate protective top layer eliminates metal ion leachables
  • Flat bottom vials for lyophilization provides consistent heat transfer
  • Serialization with unique ID stamped on each container for full traceability
  • Same drug contact surface throughout drug dev & manufacture process
  • Potential shorter timeline to market
  • 100 % individual product serialization results in unit level traceability
  • No container breakage
  • Processes like glass containers on a fill/finish line
  • Dimensional control yields precise handling, filing, inspection and dosing
  • Compatible with broadest range of drug formulations (pH, O2 sensitivity, etc.)
  • Ability to vary surface between hydrophobic and hydrophilic for benefit of specific protein
  • Performance at cryo-temps. CCI down to -196c
  • Increased control in interface with mechanisms (auto-injectors)
  • Protective top layer offers hydrolysis protection, safeguards against pH shift and minimizes drug/container interactions
  • Safer product and reduced risk of side effects due to immunogenicity – No particles; No leachables; no extractables; no oil; no metal ions – Protein drug recovery. Minimize protein adhesion to container walls.
  • Silica-like barrier blocks oxygen and other gas permeation, assuring content integrity and shelf life
  • Glass-like appearance and high content visibility. No Container breakage
  • Dimensional consistency 25x better than glass for more accurate dose delivery and more consistent device performance. Can be molded to fit any type of auto-injector or wearable device.
  • Product confidence; anti-counterfeit measure of unique serial ID for each container

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