SiO2 proprietary technology provides an innovative solution to packaging

SiO2 Materials Science products are molded, under Class 5 conditions for particles, using medical-grade polymer, and incorporate a thin, glass-like barrier coating system on the inside surface.

SiO2 coated products have no ties to the glass supply chain, and the starting materials for the barrier coating system are organosiloxane liquids at room temperature and are more closely aligned with the supply chain for microelectronics devices and silicone polymers.

SiO2 proprietary technology provides an end-to-end innovative solution to packaging, SiO2’s patented barrier technology combines the best qualities of plastic and glass containers. Combining the durability (safe/non-breakable), pH stability and dimensional consistency of plastic with the barrier properties and low extractables of pure SiO2 quartz-glass produces packaging.

Our polymer molding process enables tight dimensional control that are ten to 100 times lower than the capability of tubular or molded glass vials. Dimensional precision of SiO2’s polymer molded process ensure container closure integrity (CCI) of all products.

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