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SiO2 Materials Science is a company with deep roots in chemistry and engineering. The company creates engineered blood collection tubes for the Genomics & Diagnostics market. Specifically, the SiO2 blood collection tubes not only separate the blood, but also stabilize the whole blood specimen and isolates the genomic DNA for analytical tests. The SiO2 blood collection tubes capture and preserve cell free DNA, cell free RNA, and cancer tumor cells using a single blood sample. Our isolation and preservation technology is the only non-formaldehyde based fixative on the market.

Our technology solves significant problems and opens new possibilities for Genomic Laboratories. The SiO2 blood collection tube has the best sample integrity, unparalleled preservation and the best shelf life. The non-formaldehyde fixative not only has much better performance but is also not restricted by any patents. Our blood collection tube is the only tube which has the gas barrier and vacuum retention properties of glass, and the automation friendly qualities of plastic. Combined, we have a blood collection technology second to none.
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Summary of Benefits

  • A COP tube with a tri-layer coating system
  • Coating system significantly increases oxygen barrier to a level approaching borosilicate glass
  • Pure glass-like surface with no leachables or extractables in the specimen
  • Impact and shatter resistant to hold up to the toughest lab conditions and automation
  • 2 year shelf life, double that of any plastic tube on the market
  • Vacuum retention, 10x greater than PET
  • Consistent 8.1ml draw volume in a 9.5 ml tube, decreasing the amount of tubes and draw volume required

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