Maintenance Technician

Job Summary

The Maintenance Technician will be responsible for conducting general maintenance and repairs on facility equipment and property structures. The Maintenance Technician will also ensure that heating and plumbing systems perform at optimum functionality. The goal of this position is to maintain the facilities and common areas in the best possible condition.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Ability to respond quickly in the event of an emergency, notify appropriate personnel, and follow safety protocol
• Ability to survey buildings to ensure they are consistent with health and safety regulations
• Ability to undertake activities of pest control (spraying insecticide)
• Maintain neat, clean, and orderly facilities
• Maintain heating and plumbing systems to ensure functionality
• Inspect alarm systems (carbon dioxide, fire protection) and quickly schedule repairs as needed
• Strong time management and organizational skills to effectively meet assigned goals
• Other duties as assigned

Required Skills/Abilities

• Basic understanding of electrical systems
• Strong understanding of general maintenance processes and methods
• Experience in operating a variety of equipment
• Excellent organizational, time management, and attention to detail skills
• Working knowledge of tools, common appliances, and devices
• Ability to act with professionalism, integrity, and superior confidentiality
• Excellent manual dexterity and problem-solving skills
• Ability to prioritize tasks and delegate when appropriate
• Ability to assess own strengths/opportunities; pursues training and development opportunities, striving to continuously build knowledge and skills

Education and Experience

• High school diploma or GED
• Prior Maintenance Technician experience

Physical Requirements

• Prolonged periods of sitting/standing/walking
• Standard forty (40) hour work week with additional time as needed to meet company objectives
• Ability to access and navigate each department at the organization’s buildings to include walking to and from offices/building sites, and climbing/descending stairs
• Ability to hear and react to audible alarms from distances up to 150 feet
• Ability to lift/carry up to fifty (50) pounds

Other Details:

Shifts: 2-2-3 schedule
Day Shift: 5:50 am – 6:00 pm
Night Shift: 5:50 pm – 6:00 am
Openings for day and night shift. Salary ranges from $25-$35/hr.