Blood Preservation

Our Technology opens new possibilities in genomic science

SiO2 Materials Science is a company with deep roots in chemistry and engineering. The company creates engineered blood collection tubes for the Genomics & Diagnostics market. Specifically, the SiO2 blood collection tubes capture and preserve cell free DNA, cell free RNA, and cancer tumor cells using a single blood sample.

Our isolation and preservation technology are the only non-formaldehyde – based fixative on the market. The non-formaldehyde fixative not only has much better performance but is also not restricted by any patents.

A sample unparalleled in quality.

  • Allows pairing of cf-DNA/cf-RNA with gDNA/RNA from the same sample
  • Preserves cf-DNA AND cf-RNA for 35 days at ambient temperature
  • Preserves Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC’s) 14 days at ambient temperature
  • Formaldehyde-free preservative, no cross-linking of DNA
  • Prevents apoptosis of blood cells and fragmentation of genomic DNA
  • Prevents hemolysis
  • No plasma loss during shipping
  • Add tube and preservative text
  • No breakage on transport
  • No breakage on automation lines

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