It’s Time for Pharma to Rethink Glass

Pharmaceutical drugs — and the people who use them — depend heavily on innovation. Researchers win Nobel Prizes for new discoveries, while those who benefit from those discoveries put their lives in the hands of those who treat them. While the pharma industry is no stranger to the public spotlight, the COVID-19 pandemic took chaos […]


Partnership vs. Salesmanship — Bringing Choice to Pharma Packaging

What happens to monopolized industries?

They grow stale. The needs of customers go unmet as incumbents feel content to provide only small iterations, confident in their knowledge that they own the market outright. Innovation thrives on competition. Businesses need to feel the pressure of disruption at their backs to pursue new ideas and meet the evolving needs of their customers. […]


Understanding the Glass Shortage in Pharma

Imagine someone announces a vaccine for COVID-19 tomorrow. People throw parades — at respectable social distances, of course. Politicians speak about the resilience of the population and the end of a global nightmare. Restaurants and gyms get ready to welcome back the masses, schools send out emails to prepare for fall classes, and then…everyone has […]


The Compatibility of SiO2 Smart Vials with Fill Finish Manufacturing Lines

Understanding the Fill Finish Process

Understanding the Fill Finish Process The value of the fill-finish manufacturing market is estimated to reach $5.15 billion by 2024, according to a report published by Zion Market Research. Pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies dominated the fill-finish market in 2017. Drug products that are delivered to individuals via the parenteral, ophthalmic, or inhaled routes typically bypass […]


SiO2’s Smart Vials and Operation Warp Speed: The Development of a New Hybrid Packaging Solution for COVID-19 Vaccines

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches over the second wave, over 50 million cases and 1.25 million deaths worldwide have been recorded. The global hunt for a vaccine is more important now than ever before, and scientists are researching at a breakneck pace. Through Operation Warp Speed (OWS), the federal government has accelerated the efforts of […]


How SiO2 Smart Vials Preserve the Drug Stability For COVID-19 Vaccines

The Relevance of Primary Packaging in Maintaining Drug Stability

The Relevance of Primary Packaging in Maintaining Drug Stability From the moment pharma companies formulate a drug to when a doctor injects it into a patient, the primary packaging (the packaging that is in direct contact with the drug) plays a crucial role in preserving and protecting that drug. Drug stability is a drug’s capacity […]


How Do Si02 Smart Vials Benefit From Cryo and Cold Storage Container Closure Integrity?

The Significance of Container Closure Integrity (CCI)

The Significance of Container Closure Integrity (CCI) Establishing a well-defined container closure system preserves the sterility of a drug over its shelf life. Container closure integrity (CCI) is important because it determines product and consumer safety. To keep patients safe, pharma manufacturers should implement container closure systems that avert contamination from microorganisms, reactive gases, and […]


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