Advanced Polymer Molding

SiO2 primary containers start by molding medical-grade polymers into complex-shaped vials, syringes, and cartridges. This is accomplished by either injection-stretch-blow molding of vials or straight injection molding of syringes and cartridges. Specialty engineering polymers, such as cyclic olefins, are used due to their excellent clarity, impact strength, tight dimensional tolerance, low leachables, and thermal stability. State-of-art thermal imaging and particle detection cameras ensure the containers meet the highest dimensional and particle standards, respectively.

This technology enables shorter prototyping turnaround times and unmatched design flexibility compared with ordinary borosilicate glass. For example, design flexibility has enabled unique dual-chamber cartridges, integrated Luer syringes, and high dose accuracy/low volume ophthalmic syringes. Furthermore, flat-bottom vials were designed to overcome the heat transfer deficit of polymers to enable lyophilized drugs.

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